Galve de Sorba to Guadalajara, Castille-LaMancha, Spain

Monday 3 September 2012
Hotel Espana, Guadalajara, Castilla – la Mancha, Spain
90.9km, 4hrs 8mins, 23.6kph, 0900 – 1430

Ascent 810m, descent 1490m, elevation 695

Route: Road 1001 and 101 all the way into Guadalajara

Some days you cycle through molasses, some days through air. Today was an air day.

The morning started with yet another climb, about 200m, up to our highest pass yet at 1530m, unmarked and unnamed. We could see a long way south, and pick out some of the route ahead. We were back in pine forests, mostly planted as part of the fairly active forest industry in this part of Spain.

A series of swooping descents followed each time by another ascent brought us out of the mountains to the small town of nnn. The roads are fantastic to ride on – well engineered (good work again Spanish road engineers!) and with virtually no traffic they are perfect for cycling.

We passed several tiny villages in the mountains, all very beautiful but you have to wonder what keeps them going because they are so remote.

We also keep passing EU signs as having funded various things far from anywhere. Whose money? No wonder the EU is in trouble.

From Cogolludo (lunch) to Guadalajara is probably the fastest 40km we have ever ridden. With gentle downward grade and strong wind at our backs Team Anton was flying at over 40kph for long stretches.

Guadalajara is a bit in the dumps – closed stores, dull fashions in the windows, and not many people in the streets. For some reason not many older buildings in the city. There are some interesting heritage buildings, but most of the city seems to have been built in the last 60 years. It’s the only city we’ve been in which does not have a central plaza.

Dinner at a nearby restaurant, which is unlikely to have changed its menu since 1962. OK, but we have yet to have a meal in Spain which is particularly good, except for the tapas and copos de cava in Logrono.


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