San Estaban de Gormaz to Galve de Sorbe, Guadalajara, Spain

Sunday 2 September 2012
Pension Nuestra Senora del Pinar, Galve de Sorbe, Guadalajara, Spain
52.7km, 3hrs 39mins, 14.43kph, 0945 – 1500hrs

Rise: 980m; elevation 1350m

Route today: S on country roads through Morcuera, Liceras, Noviales, Villacadima, Galve de Sorbe

Aside from the climbing, the roads are perfect in every other way. The scenery is stunning and the traffic completely minimal – very few cars.

In the morning we climbed up out of the Duero River Valley heading towards a wind farm far in the distance.  Slow going as we had to stop and take photos of the plains of Spain, and the view backwards towards San Estaban. We then climbed up, over and down several substantial ridges, the most spectacular being just after Liceras, with red sandstone cliffs carved into fantastic shapes. We’ve cycled many places but few with this drama.

Liceras is another tiny perfect town in the middle of nowhere, so we had a quick coffee there and a chat with the locals. At least, they chatted and we tried to pick up a word or two, our Spanish being negligible. Then up high again to Noviales, after which we crossed into Segovia province, then Guadalajara soon after. The advertised dirt road has now been paved so the going was smooth with almost no cars at all.

But the road went up – and up and up. It was a long way to the 1400m pass not even marked on the map. The pass is in the middle of the wind farm, 100s of massive windmills doing their job.

Surely it must all be downhill after that – but it was not, with several smaller downhills and climbs on the way into Galve de Sorbe. The last few kms, the valley opened out and our road flowed down in front of us, with beautiful scenery and beautiful cycling. We saw 2 foxes.

Up in the high hills, there aren’t many trees, you can see and hear for miles. It is completely quiet.

Galve de Sorbe is a small village, and it’s hard to know what keeps it going. A lot of new construction is underway, in the traditional stone style. We had a good time in the bar watching Ronaldo score 2 goals for Real Madrid.


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