Quintanar de la Sierra to San Estaban de Gormaz, Soria, Spain

Saturday 1 September 2012
Convento San Estaban, San Estaban de Gormaz, Soria
67.44km, 3hrs 50 mins, 17.57kph, 1000 – 1600hrs

Rise: 700m, elevation is 725m

Route: Country roads through: Vilviestre de Pinar, San Leonardo de Yague, Sta Maria de las Hoyas, Rejas, Berzosa, dirt road to Matanza de Soria, then to San Estaban

The 100km day being way too long, we’ve cut our expectations somewhat. I always think if you can’t do 20kph, you’re not getting anywhere. But on this trip it’s impossible for us to do 20 – so much climbing and slow roads. We also stop at most intersections to make sure of our route, so the days become much longer than we are used to.

We dropped down a little coming out of Quintana, but then climbed again to another unnamed pass at 1100m, high up in the scented pine forests. The area is park, and the road curves through the park and the pine trees, with little streams coming in and out of view. It’s a stunning ride.

Quick coffee and some food supplies at San Leonardo, then up high again to Sta Maria de las Hoyas. I stopped to take a photo of  the beautiful little church (Sta Maria of the Holes??) and took a tumble instead. Big ouch, but scraped up and dignity wounded was the worst.

After Berzosa, took the dirt road towards San Estaban – more direct but in poor condition.

Arrived in San Estaban not too late, Olin scouted us the very excellent Convento, in an old church building. San Estaban has a castle, very old churches (11th century) and homes built into the red stone of the hillside. Actually what we though might be tiny little houses turn out to be mostly wine cellars.


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