Bordeaux to Sabres

26 August 2012
Auberge les pines,  Sabres France
92 km, 4 hrs, 22.7kph, 0830 – 1430

Route today: S from Bordeaux to Saucats on D651, Villagrains on D 651, continued on D651 thru Hostens to Belhade; D120 to Moustey, then D834 through Pissos, Trensacq, to Sabres.

Easy cycling today out of Bordeaux and through the flat and sandy Landes de Gascogne. Crop of choice today is pine trees.

Trying to figure out how to get to Madrid in next 8 days without killing ourselves. Decided that a stop in Sabres wouldn’t interfere with that plan, as the alternative was 2 long days to St Jean Pied de Port, with the massive hill that follows.

The eco-museum in Sabres takes visitors on a short train ride then an eco-walk to look at the unique environment here in Landes de Gascogne. It’s all sand, with unusual plants and trees. The boutique was full of books on the area, people have a lot of pride in their local heritage.  We only got as far as our nose through the door, but I would have liked to have learned more about the landscape we are travelling though.

Dinner in the Auberge.


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