St Emilion to Bordeaux

25 August 2012
Grand Hotel de Bordeaux, Bordeaux France
42.11 km, 3 hrs, 18 kph

Route: D44 to Libourne, D20 to St Germaine, D241 into Bordeaux

We were fretting a bit about the weather today (well, I was fretting) due to gloomy forecast of heavy winds and rains. But they all went somewhere else and we went on some lovely rolling country roads into Bordeaux.

Last 20 km or so there were bike paths to bring us in, over the pont St Pierre and into beautiful central Bordeaux. They’ve worked hard in the last few years to make the city shine, and shine it does in the central area, although the neighbourhoods coming in are drab.

Most of the French towns and cities have the centres closed off for walking streets, but they like the auto-bollards which the select can get through. Olin likes watching them go up and down, hoping they’ll catch someone unawares. They never do.

Now ensconced in the Grand Hotel and having a grand time. Dinner at the Bourse, restaurant La Gabriel.


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Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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