Poitiers to Angoulême, France

Old mill

Wednesday 22 August 2012
Angoulême France, Hotel France Mercure
125.66 km, 6 hrs, 22kph to foot of hill

Route today: D741 to Gencay, D1 to Civray and Ruffec, then country roads following railway into Angoulême

Easy fast cycling first part of day, with warm weather and breeze at our backs. Only interrupted when Olin thought we should take a lovely bike route. Lovely bike routes consume time, energy and equanimity, especially when they dump you onto tiny tracks through forests.

Lunch in Ruffec, which was full of Brits. Apparently the region is popular with ex-pats and especially in the villages more than the cities. The women next to us advertised Bordeaux, so it’s to Bordeaux we will go.

We were slower in the afternoon as we picked our way through the country roads. Wayfinding takes more time but the riding is beautiful and the roads are safer. On the rolling hills, tired, hungry, and thirsty, we are very happy to be on the road.

Angoulême is an old city on high fortifications. The Garmin brought us up a grade we could barely push our bikes up, but in fact there is a perfectly reasonable hill you can cycle up into the old town. Garmin doesn’t do well in tiny walled streets – took us some time to find our hotel, the tourism, the next hotel… But it’s pretty nice here and we’re not complaining.

We had a huge and delicious dinner. The whole town is out on the warm evenings. Not enough tables? Just haul some more out onto the sidewalk. Would that we could be so relaxed in Vancouver.

Olin tucking in

Beautiful countryside


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