Ste-Maure-de-Touraine to Poitiers, France

Poitiers Hotel de Ville

21 August 2012
Best Western Hotel Grand, Poitiers
78 km, 21 kph, 0800 – 1300

Route today: D910 out of Ste Maure, D1 after Dangé-Saint-Romain, down the west side of the Vienne, morning tea in Chatellerault, D1 C south to Dissay, along the east side of the le Clain river, D4 into Poitiers.

Very fast cycling the first part of the day, easy to find the route, and a warm day with the breeze at our backs. Quick stop in Dangé-St-Romain to chat with a Dutch cyclist on his way to Santiago do Compostela, carrying all his gear, and doing about 90 km a day. The pilgrims’ route is everywhere we go now – great marketing for the area. We followed it much of the day but resisted when it turned into a dirt track.

We planned to have a rest day in Poitiers, but the town is full tomorrow night for some big conference, so we will press on tomorrow.

We visited the old church of St Hilaire (a necessary stop for all pilgrims apparently), the cathedral, the Palais de Justice, and several sidewalk cafés. Like most French cities, Poitiers has beautiful public spaces. They’re investing a lot of euros in them, with Europe in crisis you have to wonder where the money comes from.

Dinner at le Poitevin, completely recommend it. Fantastic food and service.



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