Orléans to Blois, France

Loire cycle route

19 August 2012
Hotel Mercure, Blois, Loire Valley
0715 – 1100, 67 km, 20.66 kph

Route: Loire cycle route

New strategy to try to avoid being baked alive, get up early for a 0630 breakfast at l’Abeille and start on our way by 0715.

It was an easy ride today, the route is clearly marked, almost entirely off-road, and very flat. The Loire Valley is beautiful, and markets cycling everywhere you go.

We got to Blois early, and avoided cycling in the extreme heat which is covering France at the moment. We visited the royal chateau and the Leonardo da Vinci staircase… or is it? Not a mention of Leonardo on the site. The town is old, with tiny alleys and squares, huge staircases up to the chateau, cafes, and tourists. The Valois kings kept court at the chateau, and kept adding to its size. Various interesting murders made it tough to be king.

Lyonnais food for dinner near the main square. Mine was an unknown dish which tasted good. Wish I had taken a photo.

Royal palace at Blois

Hidden stairs and courtyards



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