Dourdan to Orléans, France


18 August 2012
Hotel Abeille, Orléans, France
79 km, 0930 – 1430, 20 kph, 4 hrs riding

Route: Country roads

Max temp on road: 41.5 degrees

Olin worried before we came that the temperature might get over 30, which would put him right off his game. Well today we cycled in plus 41 degrees (thx to the Garmin which appears to know everything), and were completely wilted as a result.

Our hotel was such a pretty hotel in historic Dourdan. We woke to the sounds of the Saturday market, pain chocolate and all the trimmings of a French petite dejeuner. It was necessary of course to check out the castle next door and take photos… so much for the early leaving time.

The road south of Dourdan takes you to high prairie, where we stayed for much of the ride. We were in sugar beet country, with a busy skyscape of power lines and windmills.

It was a good route to Orléans, easy flat riding down the paved farm roads, fairly direct and quiet. Quick stop for food and drink in Janville. My apricot tart was delicious and reminded me of its presence the rest of the afternoon.

It got hotter and hotter, once over 40 degrees it’s almost impossible to cycle. We took a lot of breaks for water, shade and rest. We arrived in Orléans at about 1445, found a hotel, and didn’t move for a long time.

Dinner at le Tonnalier. Lit candles for our mothers (both in hospital) in the cathedral of Orléans and read about Jeanne D’Arc.

Cathedral in Orléans


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