Charles de Gaulle airport to Dourdan, France

17 August 2012

Hostellerie Blanche de Castillon, Dourdan France
1015 – 1900 hrs
95.13 km, 16.28 kph, 5 hrs 50 mins

Route: S out of the airport to D40 to Canal L’Ourcq to Paris, thru Paris, Coulee Verte to Massey, D988 to Gometz, D131, D27, D838 to Dourdan

That was a tougher day for the 1st day out than the navigator intended… Dourdan seemed like a good location, historic town, with a nice little castle, and a shortish ride to start us out. Not quite.

Our trip to Paris went smoothly, we cycled from our house in Vancouver to YVR, changed planes in Montreal, and arrived with bikes intact in their Air Canada plastic bags in Paris. We were on our way by 1015. Our plan was to cycle through Paris to Dourdan, to the SW of the city.

It was hard to get out of CDG, and we went a long way without really going anywhere. Likely there’s a good route out to the south but it took a lot of fishing around for us to get going. We reached the Canal l’Ourcq  at around 11.00, and followed it into Paris – an easy ride.

We had lunch by the Pompideau Centre, then made our way to the Gare Montparnasse to pick up the coulee verte directly behind the station, which follows the train tracks all the way to Massey. It’s a safe off-road route, but a little annoying as you have to constantly slow right down for the chicanes at the road crossings.

After Massey the roads were fine for traffic but wayfinding was slow – complicated road network around Paris.  We didn’t stop much, finally reached St Cyr sous Dourdan, then up and over a big ridge to arrive in Dourdan at 7.00. Will have to have a word with the navigator – too long for jet lagged Vancouverites on the first day out.

Canal l’Ourcq

The countryside, at last


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