Pilsen to Prague, Czech Republic

Arrival in Prague

Enjoying a little bubbly at Wenceslas Square in Prague

Microwave tower is always at the top of the hill

Friday 27 August 2010
Prague, Czech Republic
Hotel Boscolo Carlo IV
115 k, 6.48 hrs, 17kph
0900 – 1730

Olin plotted us a route over the roads, the paneuropa radweg at 135 km being too long. With a strong wind at our backs we made good progress, at one point with a nice spell at over 40kph down the 605. So with the road stretching empty before us, strong wind at our backs, a couple of short hours left to get to Prague, what did we do?

Head for the hills of course, trading fast (but more dangerous) major road for cross country mountain roads and some huge hills. Over 1050m in altitude over the day.

Once again we were cycling on top of the world this time thru the Czech landscape and farms. Things getting more prosperous as we get closer to Prague.

As we descended we hooked up again to the PR, Czech cycle route no. 3. (Good navigation Olin). Not as well marked this time and we had a couple of wrong turns and lots of asking people the way. The route generally follows the river and is flat and quite easy over a variety of quality of trail.  We lost it completely coming into Prague so have not seen the last PR sign.

Champagne and beer to celebrate in a cafe on the square. We have arrived!


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Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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