Hirshau Bavaria to Eslarn on the Germany Czech border

Gasthof Schellenbach, Eslarn, Germany nr Czech border

Tuesday 24 August 2010
Gasthof Schellenbach
Eslarn, on the Germany Czech border
94.13k, 5.17 hrs, 17.8kph
0900 – 1615

Turned out that Gasthof Weich is the butcher and the Gasthof is also the metzgerei. The Herr and Frau live at the back. Lots of strapping grandsons live and work nearby. Seemed awfully quiet last night with us being the only people in the building but plenty of activity this morning. Also in the back: the butcher shop, 3 horses in the stable attached to the house, the dogs, and another house and courtyard.

Got away as the bells struck 9.00. Fairly easy ride E thru farms and woods then a turn N to go up the Naab River. Turned into the Waldnaab as we went upstream. Gentle valley, road winding through farming communities beside the river

Morning break at Weiden in der Oberpfalz. Small town with lovely public square, with 16 restaurants and cafes in the main square, probably 500 seats, many more down the side streets. Our coffee served on beautiful china at this little perfect cafe.

Weiden would be a good place to stay the night. Hirshau was a little quiet.

We continued on to Neustad where we picked up the next part of the route; a 50km train bed called the Bockl-Radweg. Paved the first half, gravel the next, it took us from 400m to 600m, where we had a late picnic lunch among the mushroom pickers.

Arrived at Eslarn at about 4.15 and found a room at the very nice Gasthof Schellenbach from which we have budged not one inch.

Beautiful country town of Weiden, centre of porcelain

Bockl-Radweg - beautiful, paved and virtually deserted


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