Nuremberg to Hirshau Bavaria

Lauf - We've come 1142 km

Monday 23 August 2010
Gasthof Weich Hirshau Bavaria
84.4 k, 4.6 hrs, 17.1kph
0900 – 1630

A couple of days ago we cycled down the long Bibert River valley. Today we are going back up, this time along the Pegnitz River valley. Very flat along the 5 Rivers/ Paneuropa Radweg route. Coffee in Lauf, just in time for the first downpour of the morning, it’s raining again. Warm though.  Paneurapa radweg signs in Lauf pleased us – first we have seen with distances to Paris and Prague.

The path went steadily but gradually uphill with no real hills. Reached the end of the valley at about 40k and are into the Bavarian mountains. The river has become a little stream curving through the green meadows.

The roadside flowers are much prettier here. Worldwide invasives have taken over most of the roads we’ve been on, but not in this area.

Lunch in Etzelwang at the Bierstueberl Hagerer where the Frau has taken pity on us and is cleaning us up to the enjoyment of the other patrons, while we learn German fast. Specials which we declined were pig knuckle, pig insides (unknown) and pig brains. We settled for bratwurst mit sauerkraut.

Lauf - 395 km to Prague

Much hillier ride after lunch but the rain stopped. Arrived at Gasthof Weich in Hirschau at1630. V old, and NO soap!!

Now having very nice evening refreshments in a nearby restaurant and listening to 9 German men talk louder and laugh more heartily with each beer. They laugh and we just smile because we can’t understand even one word.

We’re in the “old” Bavaria, unlike the Johnny-come-lately’s in Nuremberg, which only became part of Bavaria when turned over by Napoleon 200 yrs ago.

Behind the Gasthof Weich in Hirschau - butcher shop on left, horses under the arch

Lunch in the metzgerei


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