Langenburg to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


Chatting with the locals - he works for Bosch in Stuttgart and commutes once a week

Friday 20 August 2010
Golden Rose gasthof,Rothenburg
39 km, 2.4 hrs, 14.8 kph
0915 – 1215

Short ride today as every German we have met is most insistent that we spend time in the historic and beautiful city of Rothenburg.

We left Langenburg in good time from our Gasthof perched above the valley and continued on the Paneuropa Radweg, more steep hills and valleys, with the route generally following the farm roads and going right through the middle of the small farm communities.

The road to Rothenburg

Everything looks prosperous. The buildings are well maintained, each farm with its group of houses, outbuildings, farm workers, cows, machinery,clothes on the line and flowers. It’s the time for spreading manure on the fields so there is a certain farm fragrence in the air wherever we go. The PR divides at Langenburg. We took the more northerly slightly shorter route. Reached an altitude of 510m.

The approach to Rothenburg was from the west over the famous double bridge and through the Kolbolzell Gate. Now sitting in the square in front of the Rathaus waiting for the clock to turn 3.00. The town is packed with tourists, more than we have seen in any other town. Lots of rooms though and no difficulty in finding accommodation.

Entertainment in Rothenburg tonight: wine festival. All the local vineyards are here, the accordion is playing, the mayor is shaking hands and our new friends are very hospitable.

We have left the state of Baden Wuerttenberg and are now in Bavaria, the Franken region, a historic remnant of the Frankish empire.

Rothenburg was 50% destroyed by bombing in 1945. No one we were talking to seemed to know why as there was never a military target here. Now completely restored and under strict heritage guidelines inside the walls of the old city. The wall around the city is restored with a walkway much of the way. Contributions from around the world are noted in the wall, many Americans as there was a large base near here after the war.

We closed the music down in the festival, though the party was still going strong when we left. Saibling fish? Red like salmon, cooked by smoking next to an open fire, looks like trout and tastes delicious.


On the double bridge


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