Bad Wimpfen to Langenburg, Germany


Thursday 19 August 2010
Gasthof Krone, Langenburg
73 km, 4.34, 16kph
1000 – 1700

Left Bad Wimpfen at 1015. We don’t get the early start on this trip. We skipped Heilbronn and took the cross country route over the L1088 to get directly to Ohringen. I wouldn’t recommend the route but it was fast and saved us about an hour.  Vehicles don’t much like us on the roads though – the country has obviously invested a lot of effort into the bike routes so that’s where we should be.

It is warm and sunny today, the first good weather we’ve had in a week.

Bike route sign

Bike route sign

Light lunch in Ohringen, another beautiful town with a lot to see, but we kept going, rejoining the Paneuropa Radweg. At Schloss Waldenburg, the bike paths separate, and we took the slightly shorter Kraichgau-Hohenlohe-Radweg direct to Braunsbach, then the PR again on to Langenburg.

The cycling is some of the prettiest we have ever done but it was hard today. The route goes across high hills and up and down deep valleys, so there is significant climbing (over 1000m today on total).

Autobahn bridge, bikes use hills

Well tended farms all around, and on the hilltops, farming of energy with the big windmills. Many rooftops are covered with solar which must be going back into the grid, expensive energy but it must work because we are seeing it everywhere.

The last hill into Langenburg was a killer, at 17% we were pushing our bikes. If you are coming this way – don’t take the bike route, cycle up the road instead.

Langenburg has a huge schloss looking over two deep valleys.  Unfortunately cycling hours don’t always lend themselves to going into the attractions.  They close just as we are ready to have a look.

The town really is a most spectacular setting.  Our very pretty gasthof perches high above the farming valley below.  Dinner in the gasthof restaurant right over the view.  With all of BC’s mountains and valleys, I can’t think of a place like this.


Looking down the valley from Langenburg


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