Heidelberg to Bad Wimpfen, Neckar Valley, Germany

Bad Wimpfen

Wednesday 18 August 2010
Hotel Am Kurpack, Bad Wimpfen, Neckar Valley
75 km, 4.16 hrs, 17.56
1100 – 1700 hrs

Bought maps today, late start after breakfast in the old city and photos on the famous bridge over the Neckar River.

We are now actually following the signed Paneuropa Radweg. The route is well marked in this area and takes us along the beautiful Neckar River and Valley. The trail is relatively flat but varies a lot between gravel and pavement. It’s almost entirely off road.

Hard to keep moving along with the castles standing over us, the river beside us and the lush landscape around us.  The big freight barges along the river and in the locks keep grabbing our attention as well. They are built exactly the same size as the locks and carry significant cargo.

Barges on the Neckar River

We had a bad moment when we had gone quite a few miles through rain and dirt roads … To find a crucial bridge over the Neckar was closed. Salvation in the form of an old river barge rescued us.

Rescued by a barge

Castles all along the way, towering above the valley. Many restored, others in ruins. All spectacular. Stadt Hirschhorn in the Neckar Valley and Schloss Zwingenberg.

Castle on the Neckar

Tea and kuchen at side of Neckar River. We were covered in mud and the proprietress was a little dubious about letting us in.

Arrived in Bad Wimpfen at about 5.00 Now in a biergarten at the station and Olin is happy.

Bad Wimpfen is a fairy tale town. The old buildings are stunningly preserved. Walking street is picture perfect. Old castle tower and walls so that the town is built right into the castle.   There is no real divisiopn between the street, the homes, the cafes and the people.  It’s a very appealing life style and quite different from our privacy-packed N American cities.

At 6.00 in the evening there was a flood of cars up the hill to the town, all coming home. I’m guessing this is a bedrrom community for Stuttgart which is not far away.


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