Heidelberg city square and castle

Nh hotel
83.5; 4.53; 1030 to 1630

Olin’s first flat this am and more cold windy weather led to a later start.

We are slow wayfinders. Short distances can take a long time because you really cannot go on the main roads. No shoulders and heavy traffic. All bikes need to be on the radwegs and cyclists need to know where they are going. Which is to say, we need a better map.

Morning coffee in Weingarton.

If you stray, you pay. We could not keep following the B3 as the bike route vanished. So set out instead on a very good route, the Heidelberg red signed route. But when you lose it you pay with decades of minutes. Which we did more than once.  At one point, having cast around for nearly an hour, we finally found 2 young guys on bikes with a map.  We were several miles east of the bike route, which goes through fields well away from the roads.

Bike route to Heidelberg through the corn fields

The route – once we were on it – was very easy riding. Flat all day, through farms and fields, also quite a lot of heavy industrial. Went back and forth over the autobahn and astonished every time at how busy it is.

Came through forest at the end of the ride, mostly with a newly paved trail.

We are somewhat following the Paneuropa Radweg but did not follow it back and forth across the Rhine, instead took a shorter route to come more directly to Heidelberg.

Walking street

Great signs... and we still lost our way


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Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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