Walking street in Ettlingen

Hotel Watthalden
78 km, 16 kph, 4.50

Rainy day today and we got a slow start. Way-finding is much slower on this trip.  Many intersections and choices of route.  Olin wrestled with his Garmin for quite a few days but numerous emails later he is up and running with the GPS.  We turn on the Iphone only when in extremis as data charges are so high.

Crossed from the beautiful city of Strasbourg over the Rhine into Germany. Olin took a Rhine cruise on his Eurorail pass in his youth, but I haven’t seen it before.  Bike route N along the river was not too hard to find at the start, but a few wrong turns drain away the day. Once riding N we had a strong wind at our backs and moved along fairly briskly. The Rhine is beside us but way above the road. You can see the masts of the sailboats above your head. We are taking the road along the canal – the canal path itself is cyclable but rough.

Crossing the Rhine into Germany

Raining and gloomy. The young Olin would have stayed in his pensione and read a book but we press on. Truck stop restaurant in Freistett, big plates of salad for lunch. No one spoke a word of English so no noodles for Olin.

Zur Rhinschnoog - first German meal

Much headscratching over the route because there are a lot of choices. Good cycling everywhere. After lunch we mainly took hwy 3 which brought us straight to Ettlingen.  Ettlingen has been here since Roman times. Hot springs? Town all built around a series of very pretty squares but is deserted. All the outdoor cafes empty because it is COLD.

At dinner we learned why the town is here: it’s the biggest software development area in Europe, partly because there is a very strong technical school in Karlsruhe and university in Mannheim.  SAP is developed here, a product for which the City of Vancouver pays large sums of money every year.


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