Strasbourg France

Strassbourg cathedral

Hotel Regent Contades
14 Aug 2010
80 km, 18.5kph, 4.23 hrs
0930 – 1600

Restaurant at the lock in Saverne

Restaurant la Marne in Saverne, at the side of the canal. Our German acquaintances from yesterday waved us in.Kids, dogs, canal boats with self conscious drivers under scrutiny from the lunchers, the bystanders, the helpful audience. The lock right next to the restaurant. We are in Alsace and everything is feeling more German. Olin had spatzle, I had a salad of veg, noodles and delicious but unchewable ham.

Hotel Regent Contades

The route was a little tricky to find this morning. Took us about an hour to find the way to cross over the final bit of rise (our latest continental divide) and start down the other side of les Vosges. But it was worth searching out. This is one of the prettiest and easiest rides we have ever taken. Aiming for the canal a la Marne au Rhine, we got to Niderviller, then had to cast around to get directions for the bike route. But there it was worth the trouble. The road went up and over the rise, and as it goes up the canal goes through a tunnel, built in the 1850s. Then through a second tunnel, then starts downhill to Strasbourg. There were about 20 locks snaking the canal down the mountain. But now the incline de Arzviller replaces the locks with one big bathtub which carries boats up and down the slope.
Starting at the top, we plunged down the asphalt bike path, following the route of the now abandoned locks. Beautiful woods, fabulous path, old rusting locks, filled in basins of water and weeds, and the lock masters houses, mostly abandoned.

Riding down the canal, lock after lock

The day was wearing on with a long trip still to Strassbourg so when it came to going back up a road for a mile to see the actual incline, we decided not to go, but I’ll always be sorry I didn’t see it.

The pm ride continued on the paved path, quite pretty, though not terribly interesting. Easy riding all the way to the city. We got thrown off the trail at one point by some dubious signage, but made our way back and got ourselves to the Hotel Regent Contades. Nice room and now we are taking a break.


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