Sarrebourg France


Hotel de France, Sarrebourg

82.93 km
4.16 hrs
19.22 kph
0900 – 1630

Hotel de France, Sarrebourg

Beautiful day cycling, all the better because it turned out to be about 20 k shorter than we had expected. Breakfast at our hotel, final look around the spectacular Stanislav Square, and we set off at about 9.00. We went back about 8 k on yesterday’s paved towpath, it is along the Canal de la Marne au Rhine. We can’t stop admiring the network of canals, the pace of life on them, and their beauty.

This particular canal will be near us all the way to Strasbourg. Then by the D roads, with towns including St Nicholas de Port, Crevic, Bauzemont, Rechicourt (lunch), and Lorquin. At Lorquin, took the paved cycle path along former railway bed into Sarrebourg.The towns are beautiful but very quiet. Most commercial buildings are closed – the stores and restaurants. It’s been harder than we expected to get meals along the way, also hard to get water, with nothing open. I’m guessing a lot of them are losing people, esp young people.

Huge farming wherever we have been on this trip. Today we were high up, on top of the world, with huge farms in every direction. The D roads are easy to travel on. Generally we are following the PanEuropa Radweg route, a bike route which is pretty much still a gleam in someone’s eye. No signage or real route, but we know the towns and then map our own way between. Occasional bike lanes painted in the towns, and a few fully paved separated routes, like today.

Weather is good, not too hot and quite cloudy. Vancouver is 32 degrees, glad we’re not riding with that temperature.

Sarrebourg is quite pretty, interesting streets and public spaces – every town has good public spaces. Our hotel is pretty modest, but the bikes are safe and so are we. Dined near la Gare and looked for WiFi to catch up on emails.


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