Nancy, France

Stanislas Square, Nancy, World Heritage Site

Grand Hotel del la Reine
Nancy France
45 k, 0900 – 1200
12 August 2010

Olin inspecting the canals

We didn’t sleep very well in our 3 storey, 3 very steep storey, walkup.  It was noisy early in the morning with the street sweeper going round and round.  The room was hot.  The bedding was dubious.  Were we unhappy?  Hardly.  The view from the window of the beautiful old city waking up was gorgeous.  A lovely fountain in the square in front, surrounded by beds of flowers (and vegetables – a big fat tomato plant in the middle of all the blooms), people at coffee, people going in and out of the boulangerie for  their baguettes.  Unlike anything we have at home.

Canal route, Toul to Nancy

Nancy is extraordinary.  It’s in Lorraine, which feels cut off from the rest of France.  The Stanislas Square is a world heritage site and is spectacular.  About 2 ha, with the Hotel de Ville to the S, the Art Gallery to the W, the Opera house and our hotel to the E, beautifully maintained, gold gilt painted on the four corner gates, full of people, cafes and activity.  A perfect public space.

We had lunch on the square at the Grand Cafe Foy (about 100 yrs old), took the 1 hour walking tour, rested, wrestled with WordPress, and are now going to dinner.

Our hotel, Nancy

Bike station, Nancy


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