Toul from our hotel window

Hotel le Central
95 km,4.5 hrs, 19.4 kph
0900 – 1630
11 August 2010

Yesterday at the end of the day we felt like we were in the prairies – flat, with huge fields of wheat and alfalfa and big sky.  Today felt like Cape Breton.  We’ve been climbing steadily and were in beef country.  The farmers are also harvesting energy with their big windmills on the hilltops.

Monument to inventors of the bicycle, Bar-le-Duc

We took the canal from Revigny to Bar-le-Duc, flat and beautiful but slower.  In places you have the canal, the towpath, the road and the railway, all side-by-side.  Bar-le-Duc is a medieval city.  We circled through on our bikes but didn’t really stop except to look up at the prominant medieval buildings perched on the escarpment.  I feel like we missed something by not stopping there.

From Bar-le-Duc we ran into some route problems as the big piece of highway we thought we would take was a freeway and the local alternatives weren’t very direct.  Avoiding the freeway (from Ligny en Barois to Void Vacon) was complicated and not very efficient.  We did a beautiful but hilly cross country, then the gravel road by the highway, then finally turned north and went to Commercy because we needed lunch.  Good lunch but time consuming detour as we did not even get out of Commercy on the first try.  Huge square in Commercy, with the King Stanislas Palace.  Home of the madelaine.  We have been following the Paneuropa Radweg – somewhat as there is no signage – and would have been better off taking the longer route to the south which it proposes.


Finally found the right road out of Commercy and took a laborious trip to Toul – too many stops and decisions and wrong turns.  All that meant that we didn’t go to Nancy, instead ended up in an extremely modest hotel in Toul.

Toul is a walled city with an elaborate cathedral, lovely public spaces and beautiful flowers.

Medieval city of Bar-le-Duc


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