Revigny sur Ornain

Revigny sur Ornain
La Maison Forte
100 Km’s, 20.0 kph, 5 hours
09:00 to 16:00
Roads – D1, D60, D14, D259, D995
10 August 2010

Our bed and breakfast, Revigny

A quick breakfast buffet in the hotel Ibis (chocolate croissants with Cdn maple syrup) and we left around 9:00 am.  The streets of Epernay are paved with champagne.  We rode up the Avenue de Champagne – home to Moet & Chandon, Pol Roger, Perrier et Jouet, etc., etc.  The buildings are stately, beautiful and immaculate – champagne is doing well (although the recent recession cut into growth plans at Moet) and Epernay benefits.

Back to the north side of the Marne, continuing down the D1 to Chalons en Champagne.  We met a Czech cyclist on the way to Chalons also travelling to Prague but taking a more direct route, and had a cafe together in Chalons.  We have seen more touring cyclists in 3 days then we saw in 8 years in all of Canada.

Sitting in an outdoor cafe in Chalons, in a public square where about 10 workers were disassembling a stage from a show they held the previous night, looking at the Hotel de Ville (generally the most imposing building in these towns) you get a real feeling of belonging to the city.  The Place de Mairie, the public square in the front of the Hotel de Ville, is usually the premiere public place in the town, a centre that people naturally gravitate to.  All these years of trying to find a similar experience in Vancouver have not produced the same result – the city still struggles to achieve the same result in its public spaces.

From Chalons we went SE cross country on minor roads, with light traffic and fairly easy cycling.  But nowhere to stop – nothing was open.  There are a lot of small towns along the way but they have no services, they seem to be residential only.  Salvation at St Amand sur Fion, where we found an open boulangerie.  Baguettes, sandwiches, meringue, flan, and refilled water bottles.  All pretty good. The shutters closed as we walked out the door, time for the afternoon break.

Ancient church, more recent repairs

St Amand has a church from the 12th – 13th century (and more recent restorations), and is a small town with over 100 historic half timbered buildings.

Then on to Revigny where our Chambre d’Hote is an old group of stone buildings with an ex-moat and a beautiful room.  Funny, because it was booked entirely by chance and location.  It’s the only accomodation in Revigny and Revigny suited our itinerary.  One of the nicest rooms we have ever stayed in.  Mary Stuart slept here.

St Amand, lunch spot


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