La Ferte-sous-Jouarre, France

Paneuropa Radweg - Our route for next 3 weeks (this photo taken in Germany)

8 Aug 2010,

Chateau des Bondons

La Ferte-sous-Jouarre, France
58.4 km, 3.2 hrs, 17.42 kph
0800 – 1300 hrs
D212, D83, D9, D27, D129, N3 to Meaux
D603, D53a, D3e, D3 to La Ferte

Whiling away the afternoon on the terrace of the Chateau Bondons, at La Ferte sous Jouarre, drinking tea and writing up the day, it doesn’t get much better than this.
We spent 8 summers on our cross-Canada cycling trip. It’s a long way between towns and the days can feel pretty long.
This year our trip has become a round the world trip, and here we are, starting in France, en route to Prague, and are going through village after beautiful village, lovely stone homes, and arched doorways into hidden courtyards. The roads are full of cyclists (it’s a Sunday, lots of weekend warriers), and instead of one main highway, there are dozens of choices of route. The side roads are easy riding, the cars are good with bikes, and the kilometres fly by.

Olin riding towards cathedral in Meaux

We left Vancouver at 0900 Aug 7, 2010, choosing the flight through Montreal so that the bikes wouldn’t have to change planes. Air Canada charges $50 and gives you a big plastic bag. You always wait a little trepidatiously at the airport, but it went smoothly today. We landed at Charles de Gaulle at 0700 and were on our way before 0800. It was overcast and we couldn’t tell which was east and which was west. So, of course, went the wrong way and circled round the airport before getting on the road to Meaux.
The cycling was easy all day. Stopped for coffee and the first patisserie at Meaux on the Marne River (home of brie cheese).

A lot of WWI references re the Battle of the Marne. Here’s a question: Did M’amoiselle come from Armentieres-en-Brie, a few miles from here?



Suzanne's favourite store

Then on to La Ferte sous Jouarre, in time for the Sunday market. I bought brie and baguette and the local delicacy: A “millstone” filled with chocolate mousse, la Ferte being famous for its millstones (la capital mondial de la pierre meuliere), from which the wheat for baguettes was ground.


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