Cornwall Ontario to Chateauguay Quebec


Monday 27th August 2007
Rustik Motel Chateauguay Quebec
104.5 km, 20.8 kph
5 hrs 2 mins

Beautiful day’s ride today down the St Lawrence River through cottage country, houses perched right on the river, with all the toys – boats, sea-doos etc. Two good ol’ boys fishin’ off the dock. Nice warm day and fairly flat countryside.

Olin broke a spoke at the end of the ride yesterday so our first stop was a very excellent bike shop in Cornwall. Quick stop at the waterfront but no exploring the old locks (used before the St Lawrence seaway was built). Couple of minor breaks but no stop for lunch until we crossed the QUEBEC BORDER! Three years _____days and ______km to cross Ontario. I wish we were in Quebec for a longer time but are cutting across the Eastern townships to Maine to get to my FCM meeting in St Andrews.

Lunch at a small roadside cafe, my usual BLT now a BTL and even better than usual. Almost immediately found a paved separated bike path – much greater commitment to cycling facilities here in Quebec.. except we are feeling more threatened as Olin was nearly run into by a hotshot Porshe which turned right in front of him.

Crossed a channel to Salaberry de Valleyfield over a very dangerous bridge. Then across that island to our second car/ bike encounter. A lady oncoming turned left and aimed straight at me. She braked at the last possible instant or she would have broadsided me. I screamed. Olin swore. I braked. Olin was busy waving his fist and ran into me. We piled up on the ground. She drove away, looking over her shoulder at us in our heap on the ground. Older lady scared away by Olin’s fist shaking.

Under the St Lawrence seaway

We rode under the main locks of the seaway, with a freighter perched high above us. Into Beauharnois, only to find to our dismay no accommodation whatsoever. We were directed through Liry for B&B’s. Found no B&B’s but a road of spectacular homes along the river – we are close to Montreal. After some casting around found a modest motel in Chateauguay. Good dinner right at the motel, il vitine, Italian food for our first night in Quebec.

Abandoned locks


Motel Rustik


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