2007 Trip, Toronto to St John, first day: Toronto to Port Hope, Ontario

Suzanne, Olin, Jan and Katharine in Toronto, ready to go

Olin checking out the route

Wednesday 22 August 2007
Hillcrest Spa, Port Hope Ontario
100.4 km, 19.5 kph
5 hrs 9 mins, 9.30 – 5.00

New year, new trip. Our goal this year is to get from Toronto to St John, New Brunswick, stopping at St Andrews NB for a meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, of which I am the Vancouver rep.

We left Bruce’s home on Medalist Road with Katharine and Jan escorting us to Bayview and pointing us on our way, E on Shepherd Ave. Not bad riding, very urban with multiple stops at intersections and mundane scenery. Would it be so hard to paint a bike lane? Plenty of room for one, niece Katharine rides this way every day and it is not safe.

Tim Horton’s break near Scarborough, then continued on #2 eastward. The city is moving outward, with beautiful farmland still being plowed under for housing. We occupy enough land, better to use air for buildings not land. Lunch in Oshawa at Isabellas Chocolaterie. At Newcastle we turned S towards the lake and came along Lakeshore Drive/ Waterfront trail – our first view of Lake Ontario. Very pretty and very quiet, also slower and more work as the road surface was pebbled, many hills and the wind blowing the wrong way.

V pretty hotel in Port Hope, the Hillcrest spa. Nice looking pool but too darn cold.

Waterfront trail

Waterfront trail, Clarington


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