Medalist Road, Toronto Ontario (1435 km)

Our only photo today: A long downward hill into Toronto

Friday 1 September 2006
Bro Bruce’s house, North York, Toronto, Ontario
142.88km, 17.9 kph
7 hrs, 57 mins; 9.30 – 8.00


This was plan C, D or E, not sure which. Knowing that we couldn’t get to Montreal, we thought we would rent a van in Orillia or some such small town, skipping the long south leg to Toronto. No luck though – everything is booked for kids to go back to school and drop off in Montreal is not available. So we decided to go south after all and figure it out as we got closer to Toronto – finishing up the day by bus or train or TTC… But it didn’t work out that way.

Starting down Airport Rd from Collingwood was a nightmare, people go way too fast and negligible shoulder. So we stopped to reassess and took the parallel Fairground road. It went up and up… and up and up. We were on top of the world with a fabulous 180 degree view, but only about 23 km under our wheels. Then straight down to Creemore, to continue our strategy which went thru the day… ask for advice, get advice, find out it is no good, ask again, ditto.

So here’s where we went: Fairground to Creemore, E to Centre Line Road, S to Webster, SE to concession Rd 3, S to 89, E on 89 (heavy traffic, v dangerous), S on 4 (gravel), E on Sideroad Adjala, S on Concession Rd 5, E on 1 to Loretto and lunch in Loretto Inn (vapourised, so hungry). Asked directions from a drunkish guy, figuring he knew all the miss-the-police back routes – E on 1, S on Concession Rd 7 – nice blacktop for about 200 yds then more gravel. (Why did we not have a cycle route????) E on 14, S on Adjala Tecumseh Townline Rd – good – then SE on Mt Pleasant. Every inch of the way was up or down. Mt Pleasant Road was another mountain, we pushed our bikes up. Near the top were several country mansions, finally we got to top and could see Toronto about 30 km away, squint and you can see the CN Tower in the photo.

So we kept going, all the way to Toronto, thought we were nearly there but another 15 km across town to York Mills (taking Albion, Wilson Ave and York Mills Road), Bruce’s house, a fabulous meal (we were starving), then conked out.


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