Espanola, Ontario

Espanola pulp mill

Sunday 27 August 2006
Pinewood Motel, Espanola Ontario
97.7 km, 21.7 kph
4 hrs 29mins, 10 – 4

We flew down Hwy 17 this morning, finally getting a more favourable wind, ie just a gentle breeze. Shoulder OK but narrow, except in one unfinished section where it barely existed. Extremely dangerous road for cyclists – heavy traffic and no where to ride. The road is mostly new and it is very bad that it was built only for vehicles. None of the people living alongĀ  our TCH can use it except by car.

Good lunch at Vance’s restaurant in Spanish – another delicious BLT – did I mention that I am an expert?

We kissed the highway goodbye at Massey, having been on it since West Hawk Lake, Manitoba. We turned down a country road which was flat but very rough surface. no traffic. Not sure that I would recommend it because of the surface, “cold pack”, a local told us.

Espanola looks pretty good – nice walk before dinner, but like many small towns it has not figured out how to put people on the street, just cars. The wind came back into our faces in the pm, to remind us that it is there.

Our motel

Pulp mill, Espanola


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