Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Half way across Canada

Thursday 24 August 2006
Holiday Inn, Sault Ste Marie
123.16 km, 20.5 kph
9.30 – 6.00, 5 hrs 57 mins riding

Dale cooked us bacon and eggs and, well-fortified, we set out for the first hill of the day, out of Montreal River harbour. Then it was a day of spectacular views – the east side of Lake Superior is a series of beautiful sand beaches, or rock beaches with rounded lake rocks under clear turquoise waters.

The waters sparkled, the beaches were fabulous, we feasted our eyes. There was a second big hill coming into SSM, a mile long, and slow to get up, but then a long steady downward slope right into the heart of the city.

We stopped at Chippewa Falls – of course – to see the famous plaque: 1/2 way across the Trans Canada Highway, mile 2430. This was the last section built, in 1962, because it was so difficult. See here for the story.

Plenty of accommodation at the waterfront. Up on the highway – huge mall. On the way downtown, more huge malls. And in front of our hotel, another huge mall and enormous parking lots. Too bad because the city has some beautiful features – St Marys River and locks. Walked the boardwalk and learned our local history from the various markers.

Lunch stop at Batchawana Bay

Chippewa River falls

The Mile Hill heading into the Soo

Happy Hour at the Soo Holiday Inn


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