Montreal River, Lake Superior, Ontario

Montreal River flowing into Lake Superior

Mad Moose Inn, Montreal River
110.43 km, 19.6 kph
5 hrs, 37 mins, 10.10 – 5.45

Another challenging day – huge hills as the road climbs over the ridges of land fingering out into the lake. Much of the day was in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Some beautiful bays – Old Woman by, Katherine Cove (stopped for a break) had white sane, shallow water – a heavenly swimming beach. No swim from us though, it was rainy today. Agawa bay also gorgeous. Then another huge hill and plunge into Montreal River Harbour. This road has more hills and is more remote than any stretch of TCH in the country. Way too much like hard work.

Mad Moose Inn is run by Dale and is in a most beautiful spot. Olin walked up a long hill to get us some beer. I snoozed and Dale cooked dinner, which was delicious. Excellent place to stay between Wawa and the Soo.

Lake Superior headland

Hill down into Montreal River

Mad Moose Inn

Lake Superior beach

Dale and SA


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