Wawa, Ontario

The Wawa goose

Olin on the Canadian shield

Wawa Motor Inn, Wawa Ontario
The Big Goose
97.7 km, 22.8 kph
10 – 4; 4 hrs 16 mins

The road started hilly but second 45 km not too bad. We were told there was no where to eat along the way so packed a lunch.. but there were in fact 2 places @ 30 and 45 km.

Lots more lakes and pines and mountain ash and rocks (I think there’s a song); but no moose and nothing along the roads except boreal forest and Canadian shield.

The professional truck drivers throughout our trip across the country have been considerate of cyclists – they give us the full lane when they can and slow down if they need to. They are so huge and dangerous to us but do their best to keep away. The exception is the logging trucks on this stretch, they seem to have no ability to accomodate whatsoever.

Lunched at Kabotung Lake. Arrived at the Big Goose about 3.30.Took our requisite photos, a cruise through town, then checked into our motel. All these businesses are complaining of a shortage of labour (Wawa, White River and Marathon).

The Lake Superior Highway was completed in 1960, the goose commemorates the highway. Wawa Motor Inn built at the time, massive fireplace and boreal forest built in.

We walked around the town in the evening to the sound of children playing. I like Wawa: It had a bad rap when I was young – a famous spot where hitch-hikers got stranded. But it has a town centre and a good small town feel.

Hard at work on Highway 17

Wawa Motor Inn


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