2006 Cycling trip first night: Eldorado Bay, nr Thunder Bay, Ontario

Olin and Suzanne at Thunder Bay airport

Thursday 17 Aug 2006
Eldorado B&B, Eldorado Bay, Ontario
50.55 km
2 hrs 16 mins, avs 22.2, 3.45 – 6.45

We left Vancouver at 7.00, arrived Thunder Bay at 3.00.  We’ve been putting our bikes in big plastic bags from the airline – but none available today so the bikes came unpacked and unprotected.  They came through fine, no real problems.

We left Thunder Bay immediately, stopping only to fix Olin’s first flat tire of the trip.  No stop at the Terry Fox memorial, nor at the place – now with a plaque – where he actually stopped running in the Township of Shumiah.

One big hill out of Thunder Bay, then we flew towards Eldorado Bay.  The road is newly built to McKenzie and then under construction after that.  The new road is good with a good shoulder.  Eldorado B+B is run by the Reeve of Shumiah, Maria Harding.  The township is responsible for the marker where Terry stopped.  B+B right on the water on Lake Superior, very nice place to stay (1 km down and 1 km back up tomorrow.)

Eldorado Bay bed and breakfast

Lake Superior from El Dorado dock


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