Thunder Bay and Vancouver, end of 2005 trip

Saturday and Sunday 13 and 14 Aug 2005
839 km in total this year

Saturday we rode 65 km in and around Thunder Bay. Out to the Terry Fox memorial in the morning – they achieved here a look of heroism and taste which did not quite succeed in our Terry Fox memorial in Vancouver.

People we are meeting tell us of how on 1 Sept 1980 they were all waiting here in Thunder Bay for Terry to arrive, waiting in the malls, waiting in the other places he was going to visit, and he never arrived. Lots of memories of him in Thunder Bay, they feel a real affinity.

Olin and I were married 2 days earlier, 25 years ago, 30 Aug 1980. We cruised north for a while – found the Mackenzie Inn, a good launching point for next year. Came back along Lakeshore Drive, visited a local artists store and bought some amethest. Back to the B+B, taxi tour of the heights of the city, farewell-to-our-trip-for -this-year dinner at the Caribou.

After dinner, we had a fine time at the CLE – Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, music, rides and midway.

Sunday early morning in a spectacular sunrise, cycled to the airport, put the bikes into bags, took them out again in Vancouver and cycled home.


About Olin and Suzanne
Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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