Kakabeka Falls

11 Aug 2005
8.45 – 5.00 (Eastern time zone)
110.3 km
avs 22.2 km/hr
4 hours 58 mins travel time

Bananas for breakfast in our motel, then 20 kms down the road to Gary’s Esso truck stop and a good breakfast. The road is flat through peat bogs all the way to Raith, but not quite as fast as some head wind.

Two interesting things near Raith: The first is the time zone change and monument to Sir Sanford Fleming – chief engineer on the building of the railroad and inventor of time zones. The same spot has the large plaque showing our highway – Highway 17 – the TCH, and the highway of the first nations used by the early explorers for several hundred years. The route starts at Thunder Bay, upstream to Dog lake, then over a portage to Lac des Milles Lacs and the Hudson Bay watershed – could stay on these rivers all the way to the Cypress Hills.

The second interesting spot is the continental divide marker – we’ve been looking for it for days now and are surprised to find it so close to Lake Superior and Thunder Bay.

Cycling today was not so fun – head wind and NO shoulder. Very hilly coming into Kakabeka Falls. The falls are very dramatic.

Good dinner in small cafe – the person directing us there cautioned that we might not like it because no deep fryer…


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Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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