Hubers Lone Pine Resort

Dryden moose

Monday 8 August 2005
Lone Pine Resort, near Wabigoon Northern Ontario
9.50 am – 2.50 pm
71.2 km
3 hours 4 mins
23.4 kph

Today was a short day so we took lots of stops. First for a drink at the Minitake post office and general store. Jumped on our bikes when the wind in the flag moved around to our direction. Then Egli’s sheep farm and store where we bought sheepskin mitts and slippers to be shipped home.

Dryden for lunch – huge pulp and paper mill, home of the NHL Prongers. Lunch at Kuppers bakery and restaurant, a famous spot in Dryden. We sat outside, everyone else was inside, the weather is warm but very nice.

Easy ride with the wind at our backs to Wabigoon, 2 km to Bear Paw/ Lone Pine Road, then 2 km down a gravel road to Huber’s Lone Pine Resort.

Nicely kept cabins, huge place, hardly any visitors. US tourists not travelling this year. Big shallow lake full of fish, famous fishing around here. This place has 27 boats, 1/2 already out of the water for the season. Very busy in June they say.

Big German dinner – Olin had a huge plate of pork hock, bratwurst and pork chop. Delicious he said, dubious said I. I had wall-eye, but not from this lake as they are not allowed to serve their own fish – has to be inspected. The manager was cleaning fish – the other guests here caught about 10 and the cleaning is part of the package.

I had a swim in the shallow lake, the colour of well-brewed tea, reeds lapping at my body, bugs swirling round. It was blissful.


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Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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