Rush Bay, Lake of the Woods

Thurs 4 Aug 2005
Rush Bay, Lake of the Woods (20 mi west of Kenora)
137.3 km
5 hrs 12 mins
8.40 – 4.55
26.4 kph

Left Beausejour at 8.40, nice early start with breakfast of muffin and cereal. Strong westerly wind blew us down the road to Seddons Corner for fruit break. Another 15 km east to the turn to the south to Whitemouth and with the wind at our backs we were going about 40 kph due east, fastest and easiest 15 km ever. After our turn south followed the Whitemouth River SE to the town of Whitemouth. Wind remained strong all day, slightly cross but still very favourable.

Whitemouth museum, some cabins from 1911 and earlier, saws, forges, tools, calendars, hospital room.

Delicious lunch at a Mennonite bakery, salads, home made buns, bagel, sticky buns. Then off in a more easterly direction, strong wind at our backs again, flying down the road, stops at Rennie, West Hawk Lake (chocolate shake) and the border to call Jim and Carol and have a photo op.

Very quick 15 km from the border to Rush Bay Road, met by Jim Stuart, here we are on Lake of the Woods, beautiful home, strong wind still in the evening, but now quiet and beautiful.

West Hawk Lake is an interesting spot on the map: Every vehicle crossing the country goes through there and it is the quarantine spot for animals and disease.

West Hawk Lake

Whitemouth museum


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