Beausejour Manitoba

Suzanne and Olin at Winnipeg Airport, starting trip 2005

Aug 3, 2005
Super 8 Motel, Beausejour Manitoba
70.22 km
2 hrs 50 mins riding
24.6 kph

I had a morning walking around Winnipeg, then got to the airport at 12.30 to meet Olin.  Only a short delay in his flight – all the airlines in turmoil because of the crash of the Air France plane in Toronto yesterday – miraculously no one was killed.  We left the airport at about 1.45, taking the route through north Winnipeg to see Selkirk St.  I promised Olin chi-chi outdoor cafes – but the neighbourhood was a little tougher… and quite run down and boarded up.  North on Main Street, then crossed the Red River on Redwood St.

N on Henderson Road following the Red River, beautiful ride through lush farms, big homes, black soil and always the river.  Ice Cream at Lockport, then with the wind at our backs flew down the road to Beausejour.  Miscalculation on the distance – I had 53, but it was 70 km from the airport.

Passed near Garson and Tyndall – where the famous Tyndall stone is quarried.

Beausejour Manitoba, first day out

Winnipeg rail yards

Crossing to N Winnipeg


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Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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