St Claude Manitoba

Commercial Hotel, St Claude Manitoba

Commercial Hotel, St Claude Manitoba
81 km
3.23 hrs
23.9 kph

Our first 30 km was our fastest ever – we were in Holland in an hour with the wind at our backs.  After our usual enquiries we were directed to the cafe “at the gas station”.  What a gem!  It was a bakery, producing huge gooey cinnamin buns, pies, muffins, squares – quite a pleasant break.

Back on the road to a much stiffer wind.  The weather is very cold – last year at this time it was 39 degrees here – today’s high was probably about 16, with a very cold wind.  The cycling conditions were very tough – wind from the side or the front, strong and pushing us off the road.  Continuing no shoulders – only #1 and #16 have shoulders.  Additional challenge is the heavy truck traffic – we learn that the heavy vehicles take #2 to avoid the scales.  Also the vehicles with the extra wide loads avoid the escort rules and travel on this road.  All contributing to its difficulty for cyclists.

Tough ride to St Claude, debating a little about whether we might forge through to Winnipeg – not a chance, too windy and too hard!

St Claude another little French town in the prairies with quite a remarkable modern church – built in 1964.  Seats 500, in a community of about 750.  Nice museum, St Claude Manitoba Dairy Museum, with school house, home, medical room, fabric (textile) room, nice young girl showing us around.

Dinner at Maria’s family restaurant, buffet with fresh veg from across the road and lasagne – excellent.  We had to tour the garden at that stage – everything lush and green but about a month behind due to cold weather.  Beer parlour to chat, bed to sleep…


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