Souris Manitoba


Tuesday 17 August 2004
Souris Manitoba “The Guest Room”
127.14 km; 4.53 hrs
Av 26 kph; 9.05 – 4.45 (incl time change)

Delicious breakfast – eggs, homemade bread for toast, oatmeal, lots of home-made jam and muffins.  Too good!

Left at 9.05 for our long trip to Souris, and with the wind at our backs and much of the trip with a slight downhill, we flew along.  Crossed the border into Manitoba for the first time in my life.  Pretty minimal signage and ceremony at the crossing.

The country is all green – lots of rain this year.  More trees, more hay, beautiful wildflowers, huge fields of flax blue under the hazy blue skies (smoke from BC).

Lunch at the golf club in Reston – town much like Arcola.

Souris is beautiful, on the Souris River, old and beautiful buildings.  Longest suspension bridge in Canada. Staying at the “Guest Room” – 2 rooms built by Jim Butler, big man (and nice guy) in Souris.  Nice room, very comfortable, and we go to bed with the Olympics.

Suspension footbridge

Plum church in Souris, built 1818


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