Wauchope Saskatchewan

Sylvestre's B+B, Wauchope Saskatchewan

Monday 16 August 2004
Sylvestres’  Bed and Breakfast
92.2 km 4.03 hrs; 22.7 kph
9.05 – 3.30

Breakfast at the Esso next door to our motel in Stoughton – good food as usual.  Almost every restaurant has good food, good bread, good eggs.  I had oatmeal, toast and an egg and it was delicious.

Then an easy 90 km day to our b+b.  Wind at our backs.  Only difficult feature was the lack of shoulder and reasonable amount of heavy traffic so the back person had to be the car watcher.  I have trouble watching and keeping up at the same time.  We’re doing 5 km each, then going to the back of the line.

Morning coffee at Arcola, where Who has Seen the Wind was filmed.  Pretty town – but not much activity nor many people.  The bar is big and was doing a brisk business.

Heritage bar in Arcola

Lunch at Carlyle at the “Office”.  Busier place (“Over 100 businesses to serve you”) and very pretty town.

Easy after lunch trip to to Sylvestres (Andre and Lorna) B+B, homesteaded by Andre’s grandparents in early 1900s, from S of France.  No trees here when they came, they had to go to Moose Mountain for their trees and for wood for firewood.  Prairie fires used to keep the trees down.

Lorna cooked dinner with all the vegetables from the garden – broccoli, cauliflower, potato, kohlrabi, carrots.  Huge vegetable garden.  Older couple and loving their business, but trying to figure out how to bring in more guests.

After dinner we visited the now-unused church at Wauchope.  A sad sight – beautiful church with all the prayer books in the pews, the pipe organ ready to go, the microphones in place, the art on the walls, the statues all still in place and the beautiful graveyard which is still used.  But the community is gone, and though they can’t shut the church down, there is no one left going to services.  Andre has completely restored the pipe organ.

Andre Sylvestre restored this pipe organ in Catholic Church, Wauchope

Olin worked at Kenosee Lake slinging beer in summer 1973


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