Stoughton Saskatchewan

Sunday 15 August 2004

Tony working hard at Resteze Motel, Stoughton

A classic - the Resteze Motel, Stoughton Sask

Farm machinery at closed gas station, all abandoned

Olin at Resteze

Resteze Motel, Stoughton Saskatchewan
68.3 km, 3.18hrs cycling
20.7 kph; 9.30 – 1.30

Day is going to be lost in the mists of time..  by tomorrow morning… Tired day for me so I spent it all looking at Penny’s back tire and going forward.  For some reason I was very tired and hungry so was pleased to stop at Don’s restaurant – lots of cars outside meant the food should be good and it was.  Delicious lunch followed by a piece of Saskatoon berry pie which was divine. I wouldn’t share so bought a second piece for all the tasters.

Head wind again today – getting a little annoying.  After lunch, we found our motel, the Crossroads Inn and it was not nice!  Esp as we wanted an afternoon off – the view from the rooms was the bar or a building next door.  It was more a bar than a motel.

So back to the Resteze at which I had turned up my nose earlier and it turned out to be fine.  So we lay around (Olin), read (Suzanne), tinkered with bikes (Tony) and pottered (Penny).  We did our laundry, hung it on the bikes and it was dry in no time.

I’ve been reading Wolf  Willow by Wallace Stegner and the history of the area is pretty interesting.  The heros were the surveyors.

Dinner back at Don’s – delicious again – and early to bed (dose of Olympics first).  Population of Stoughton about 250, and area about 350.  A dying town.  Virtually no sign of life except in the restaurant.  We were the only 2 rooms booked in the motel and no one in the campground.  Penny and I did take two walks – one through the golf course next door (people there on a Sunday afternoon) and the other through town after dinner.  Felt bad for the town.


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