Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

Mossbank - Penny's parents were here during the War

Temple Gardens Hotel
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
11 August 2004
119.47 km; 5 hrs 59 mins
19.9 kph, 9.15 – 5.13

I was stressing about this day for quite a while because it was going to be a long trip.  It turned out to be  hard but all good.  No plan B was needed.

Coteau Hills, S of Moose Jaw


Knowing we had a long journey we set off at a modest pace.  The formula is 10 miles per hour over a day, no matter what.  80 miles, 8 hours, meant a 5.15 arrival and we arrived at … 5.13.  So doing 22 – 23 kph we headed in an easterly direction, wind over our left shoulders.  The only possible stop is at Mossbank, where Penny’s mother and father lived during the war while Jamie was training in the RCAF.

The farmers’ market in Mossbank, everyone very welcoming, I loaded up on cherries and black bottom tarts, we all loaded up on lunch and set off on a challenging ride through the Coteau Hills N to Moose Jaw.  What a hard ride!  Strong head wind the whole way, we had to pedal hard to get down the hills; very big rolling hills and beautiful country.  Funny how neither Olin nor Karen even knew the hills were there.

Sunflower fields

Last 35 km into Moose Jaw was a bit of a slog – still the very strong winds blowing the wrong way.  Not much entertainment but a jet taking off and flying high into the sky from CFB Moose Jaw.

Very happy to get into the Temple Gardens Hotel and our beautiful room.   The pool is heavenly.  Dinner at Hopkins House and early to bed.


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