Gravelbourg Saskatchewan

Main Street, Lafleche Sask

Cathedral, Gravelbourg

10 August 2004
Heritage Place B+B, Gravelbourg, Sask
97.1 km; 20.9 kph
10.30 – 4.15

Our ride today was over flat road (good) but cross and head winds (bad, esp at end of day).

Lunch at the Red Coat Inn Hazenmore.  Good tomato soup.  Delicious actually.  Homemade everything – best eatery in the area.

Tea break at Lafleche, Flying Goose Inn.  Video lottery terminals with their regular patrons, looked a little sad to us.  World’s best sticky buns eaten by Suzanne, Penny and Tony from the Lafleche bakery.

Gravelbourg is wonderful.  Small – 1200 people – with a most spectacular cathedral, convent and high school.  No on-street patio – that’s “coming soon”.  Our B+B is extremely comfortable.  I’m writing this in the guest lounge on a huge couch, hot chocolate in hand, music in the background.  The B+B is a former convent, with some of the little cells joined to make rooms with sitting rooms.  Our room was a queen bed, sitting room, bathroom down the hall, all very well-appointed and so comfortable.  Our hostess is quite a talker and v nice.

Red Coat Inn, Hazenmore

The fields continue to be green, the lakes full and the weather not at all warm.  If it warms up and the crops ripen well it will be a huge bumper crop.  All the fields look fantastic – thick with grain.

The young man in the museum reminded us of Robert, same age and also studying political science.  He’s from a French-Cdn Catholic family and showed us a family reunion photo.  750 people  – and that was only up to the 2nd cousins.  Everyone in the family had about 25 children.  (He wasn’t in the photo – he was a little boy and was hiding in a tent.)

The young man had to chase us out of the museum so he could go to his next gig:  Working in the family bar/ restaurant.  So we went over there to dinner – the Main St Inn – self cooked steaks for $5.95, baked potato, and salad, so delicious and better than the meal at West in Vancouver where we ate recently at 10 times the price.

Main St Gravelbourg, looking towards Cathedral

The best feature of Gravelbourg is the cathedral and its siting.  It draws the eye from everywhere on Centre Street (there’s always a Centre St in Sask).

Grain elevators, Gravelbourg

Catholic School, Gravelbourg


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