Ponteix Saskatchewan

Grain elevator, Ponteix Sask

Ponteix church

9 August 2004
Parkside Inn, Ponteix Sask
82.5 km; 3.49 hrs

The weather is still cold so we had to put on all our woolies today.  Pancakes for breakfast and we are all craving cereal and fruit.  Olin and Karen paid a visit to the Shaunavan Standard to tell them about how Olaf and Cora May Wetterstrand built the Strand Hotel in 1928.  They sold to Mr King soon afterwards, so it is now the King Hotel.  We all enjoyed a photo op at the hotel and are hoping to see it in the paper.

Short visit to the Shaunavan Museum, then off to the N for a strong head wind, then E to Ponteix.  Lots of hills!  Where’s the bald flat prairie?

Talked our way through a long construction site on the road, avoiding a long detour.


Cadillac - emptying out

One of the saddest sights of our ride was the town of Cadillac where we stopped for lunch.  In the little cafe was a photo of the last class at the school, last year, now shut down.  The buildings are broken down and empty, it all looks terrible.  Cafe in the gas station, good meat loaf.

Ponteix church

Ponteix is a beautiful, off-the-road town, French catholic, big church, museum, park, all very beautiful.  Dinner at Splitter’s.  Delicious.  Early bed.

Ponteix church

[10 Aug] Leaving town in the morning, we noticed a truck going into the grain elevator and decided to follow.  The operator gave us a tour and didn’t seem to mind us spending his time figuring out everything about grain elevators.

Olin learning about the grain business


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