Shaunavon Saskatchewan

Grand Coteau centre, Shaunavon

8 August 2004
Sonja’s Sanctuary B+B
Shaunavon Saskatchewan

36.4 km, 1.56 hrs riding

Rainy rainy night and cold weather.  Very unusual in this part of the world in mid-summer.  With the road so wet and muddy and the gravel section so much longer that the tour guide had thought, we gratefully accepted a ride from Jim into Eastend.  36 km of mud not cycled, 2.5 – 3 hrs in these conditions.

Wallace Stegner house, Eastend

The road across and out of the Cypress Hills continued spectacular, all green green and so beautiful.  Then a long downhill into the Frenchman River Valle and down into Eastend at the east end of the Cypress Hills.  We visited the TRex Centre, the Wallace Stegner house and Alleyhatz coffee shop; also an excellent bookstore.  The Alleyhatz featured pottery locally made from the clay in the area – the Whitemud clay.

So a short day cycling 33 km into Shaunavon with cold weather, strong cross-wind and not v nice conditions.

Welcome to Shaunavon

Lunch at JP’s (?), nice snooze, dinner at the King Hotel – built by Olaf Wetterstrand in 1928.  Karen has been calling Helen and keeping her up to the minute on our trip, much to Helen’s pleasure.

As we were leaving Jim’s (6 of us with 5 bikes, squished into the smallest truck in all of the prairies), I asked Jim, Who lives there?  Funny you should ask, he said.  It belonged to the Arnold’s, they were pig farmers.  Louise Arnold came out to BC and married a man called Pickton, her son is Robert Pickton.


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