Davis Creek Valley, Cypress Hills

Olin on Davis Creek Road

Davis Creek Road

Spring Valley Guest Ranch

Spring Valley Guest Ranch
Davis Creek Valley, Cypress Hills
64.2 km 4.01 hrs cycling, 15.9k/h

Raining and thunder in the night and still raining hard in the morning, so after breakfast (deep fried french toast, family at the table), we retreated to our little cottage and watched a movie.  We set off later in the morning, stopped at the Jasper Museum in Maple Creek, then started up the hill to Cypress Park.  We were slow – rough surface on the road and 3 (3!) flat tires for Olin (glass in his tire).

We cycled up the 5k into the park (a few extra big hills) so we could see how different that area is from the surrounding prairie.  Highest land between the Rockies and Labrador; the ice sheet went around the hills on either side and the hills were preserved with their unique species and ecology.

Cypress Hills provincial park

A little lake in the park has a little stream flowing out the N end.  It curves around to the E, flowing into Belanger Creek, the Frenchman River, then continues S to the Missouri, the Mississippi, and the Gulf of Mexico.  Everything to the N of this little stream goes N to the S Saskatchewan River and flows eventually into Hudsons Bay.  We are on a great continental divide.

(Wallace Stegner says there used to be a lake which had a little stream from each end, one going N to Hudsons Bay and one S to the Gulf of Mexico.  The CPR filled it in, or so he says.)

Olin's flat tire... again

We had a bite to eat at the park, then back to the main road and continued S over the high country of the Cypress Hills.  Turned L at Davis Creek Road and had a very tough 15 kmto the Spring Creek Ranch.  Tough because all the recent rains have left the roads muddy and soft.  It was v tough pedalling and went through 3 valleys, so 3 dramatic ups and downs.  Road so soft in places we had to work hard cycling downhill.

Hard work brought just reward.  We were cycling on top of the world and it was spectacular.  Black black clouds on 1 horizon, bright green fields, cattle grazing, little creeks with willows on the banks.  And we could see forever – many many miles N-S-E and W.

Dinner and the night at the Spring Creek guest ranch on Davis Creek Road run by Jim Saville and no one else.  He moved a historic house to the site 17 years ago and now does rooms and dinners.  He has 7 sections and breed exotic animals – 500 chickens, cows, sheep etc.  Delicious meal and early to bed very tired.

Big sky en route to Cypress Hills


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