Maple Creek Saskatchewan

Olin coming home

Haig-Lund B+B
Maple Creek Saskatchewan
108.91 km; 4.32 hrs
24 kph; 9.15 – 3.45

Long ride today and we all feel pretty good about it.  The conditions were perfect, the wind at our backs and not too hot – we travelled at around 30 kph most of the day. Our intrepid line of 5 worked brilliantly:  Tony “Chief Big Wind”; Karen “the Grinder”; “Suzy take a break”.

The trip was a long steady uphill, some downhill and beautiful cycling.

Stopped at Walsh for lunch

Lunch at the Alta/ Sask border town of Walsh – Trails End Inn – great place and very popular with the locals.  Full restaurant when we arrived.  Morning coffee at Irvine, where Olin’s partner, our friends Val and Darryl Johannesen stopped on the road to say hello.  Val off to a family reunion nearby.

The team, arriving in Saskatchewan

We arrived at 3.45 and I went into the town hall to talk to Debbie, who was so helpful when I was making inquiries several months ago.  She was so disappointed at the time when I said we were not coming to Maple Creek, so I had to go and tell her we had come after all… so she gave us Maple Creek pins and postcard – nice lady!

Maple Creek B+B

Our B+B is fine – Olin Karen and Suzanne in a cottage, Penny and Tony in a bedroom upstairs in the house in the Haig-Lund B+B, 100 year old house.  No bathroom in the cottage, but a nice little deck where I read from Wallace Stegner’s Wolf Willow all about the Cypress Hills.

Tea at Saskatchewan’s best tea shop, dinner at Jenni’s, and a visit to the Commercial Hotel bar where Tony chatted up Kelly, and Suzanne and Olin played pool with Roger and his wife.  Late night viewing of A Beautiful Mind.


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