Medicine Hat Alberta

Medicine Hat B+B

5 August 2004
Gables B+B, Medicine Hat Alberta
77.3 km (incl around MH)
9.50 – 12.45
21.4 KPH, 3.36 hrs cycling

Certainly the easiest 60k cycling I have ever done – 5 people pulling each other along, flat road, wind at our backs, it was perfect cycling.

The Bow Island Lodge turned out to be a little gem.  The patio was open for our food/ their food/ breakfast/ drinks, whatever we wanted.

We were the first people in the renovated rooms.  Penny heard 3 trains – not sure why, the tracks were at least 100 ft away.  I heard zero trains.  Olin heard less than that.

Our trip today over the bald flat prairie was fast.  We learned that there are 245 people in Seven Persons, some of whom were drinking rye whiskey in the bar at 11.00 in the morning.  We stuck to coffee.

At Medicine Hat we took the long cycle route around the river front into the downtown.  Lunched at the Vineyard with nice patio.  Visited the China factory – Medicine Hat is famous for its white mud, and bricks, china and clay.  Hycroft China, Medalta china works.  We took a tour of the old pottery factory.  All the china for Woodwards was made at Medalta.  When the town took over the factory it took over boxes and boxes of product, which they were selling in the gift shop.  I bought some beautiful cereal bowls and had them sent back to Vancouver.

Then to the Gables for our rooms and Mario’s for dinner.  Our rooms are very nice with the usual little knick knacks B+B’s like.  Our hostess is an expert quilter, prize winning, and showed us her handiwork.  Her home was built in 1924 and is beautiful – in the old part of Medicine Hat.  Much of town on a hill, including our B+B.  (SA)

Not a long cycle but the first for the us 5 “in a line”.  Olin had an accident when his front wheel collided with Penny’s rear, contusions to knee and ankle and wrist.  He was able to continue as he is a brave lad!  Karen led the line with gusto.  We will need the power on long days ahead.   Tomorrow is a long about 120 km day to Cypress Hills area, a lot of it along #1 Highway.  (TW)

Medicine Hat teepee


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