Bow Island Alberta

The team with Mr Pinto Bean at Bow Island

4 August 2004
Bow Island Lodge, Bow Island Alberta

A new year, a new trip. Taber Alberta to Winnipeg.  Penny and Tony Wilson, Karen Barry (Olin’s sister) and Suzanne and Olin.

Penny and Tony went to Black Diamond for the WE, stayed in Fort McLeod last night and met us in Lethbridge.

Bikes arriving safely in their plastic airplane bags - we don't bother with more complicated systems

Olin had a meeting in Edmonton (Telus) yesterday and flew to Lethbridge.  Karen and I flew Vancouver to Lethbridge, and we all met on cue at Lethbridge airport.

Olin had the car organised, we all fit into it with 5 bikes and drove to Taber.  The women got out, the men dropped their bags and drove back to leave the car in Lethbridge.

Bow Island Motel

Karen, Suzanne and Penny flew down the road to Bow Island – 54 km in 2 hrs 20 mins, including a stop at Grassy Lake.  We arrived at Bow Island at 5.30, to a gem of a motel, the Bow Island Lodge.  The nicest patio in S Alberta, run by a Korean family.  Tony and Olin arrived a few hours later.

Distances travelled:

Tony 160 km
Penny 105 km
Olin 109 km
Suzanne and Karen 58 km


About Olin and Suzanne
Olin and Suzanne's cycling trip, across Canada and around the world.

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